Rubbish Clearance Lewes

We’ve helped numerous Lewes customers with rubbish removals, house clearance and garden clearance, and the removal of bulky items like fridge freezers and sofas. Getting rid of rubbish is a tedious task in itself, but there are also certain items that can’t be recycled in household waste bins, such as electrical items and cookware. So, it’s important that they’re disposed of properly – our team can do this for you and help you get your home and garden back to a clean and tidy state.

Rubbish Removal

Moving bulky items like sofas or cookers, as well as numerous bin bags of rubbish, can be a challenge. With our rubbish removal service, you don’t need to struggle with clearing rubbish from your home. We can take on items of any size and make sure they are disposed of properly.

Garden Clearance

If you have a lot of garden waste to remove and no time to take it to the local waste recycling site, let out friendly team do it for you. With our comprehensive garden waste removal service, you can clear your garden of all unwanted rubbish, from building materials and garden furniture to trees, foliage and grass clippings, for a cleaner outdoor space.

House Clearance

If you’re in the process of moving properties or you just want to declutter your Lewes home and have found yourself needing to clear a lot of unwanted belongings, our professional team can take the hassle out of removing rubbish. We can remove bags of clutter as well as large items that can be difficult to shift, such as mattresses or furniture for an easy solution. We also do house clearance for probate and rental properties, whatever the reason we can efficiently clear a house and dispose of all waste for any properties in the Lewes area.

Shed Demolition

Don’t let a damaged shed bring down the look of your garden– our team can help you get rid of it by safely dismantling it, clearing the area and disposing of the leftover rubbish. In no time, you’ll have free outdoor space and a tidy garden that you can enjoy.

Loft Clearance

If you’ve had a declutter of your loft space and found a host of unused items and rubbish that you need to get rid of, it can be frustrating to then need to transport them to Ham Lane waste recycling site. Give us a call, and we can arrange for these items to be removed from your property for a stress-free solution.

Fridge Freezer Removal

Not only are fridge freezers heavy and awkward to move, but they also need to be disposed of properly in order to meet certain regulations. We can ensure that WEEE products are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way, while also taking the task of removing these large appliances off your hands.

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