Rubbish Clearance Portslade

Whether you’re tidying up at home, clearing your garden so you can enjoy your outdoor space more or you’re moving out of your premises and you need it cleared entirely, there are always items that are difficult to recycle or dispose of. The team at G&S Clearance can help you with a range of time-consuming tasks, from house clearance and garden clearance to rubbish removal We provide an efficient service and ensure that these items are removed safely and quickly. If your are looking for house, garden or rubbish clearance in Portslade then get in touch today for a quote.

Rubbish Removal Portslade

Carting multiple bags of rubbish to Old Shoreham Road is a pain and can take valuable time out of your day, so why not let us deal with it? G&S Clearance provide a quick and efficient rubbish clearance service, to businesses and homes in Portslade, that will ensure your space is clean and tidy in next to no time at all.

House Clearance Portslade

Whether you’re having a clear out of your Portslade home or you are moving out of the area and you want to get rid of unwanted appliances and bulkier belongings before you move, we offer a great house clearance service. We can tackle anything from a few bags of rubbish to sofas or mattresses that can be hard to shift, taking the stress and hassle off your mind.

Garden Clearance

No matter what the time of year, it seems like there’s always work to do in the garden. But clearing garden areas of rubbish and plant material can leave you with bags of waste to get rid of, which only adds to your already packed schedule. Instead of the hassle of taking this waste to the tip, let our friendly team clear it for you and ensure that it’s disposed of in the correct way.

Shed Demolition

Our professional team have years’ worth of experience in dismantling and removing old shed and outbuildings, so you don’t have to deal with the task. What’s more, we’ll ensure that all the materials are recycled properly and in an environmentally-friendly way. You’ll be left with more space in your garden for planting or a lovely seating area, without having to worry about the work or tedious task of taking the leftover materials to the tip.

Loft Clearance

Your loft offers up valuable storage space but it’s all too easy for it to become a dumping ground to unwanted items or rubbish that you’ve neglected to sort out for years. If you’re ready to tackle the loft and want to get rid of rubbish and items you no longer need, our team can ensure that they are removed from your premises swiftly and professionally.

Fridge Freezer Removal

Removing old or broken fridge-freezers is a difficult and awkward task, not only because of their size and weight but also because you need to ensure they are disposed of properly due to strict environmental guidelines. G&S Clearance will be happy to sort this for you – we can remove the appliance safely and also ensure that they are recycled properly.

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