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Commercial WEEE recycling

WEEE recycling refers to the correct disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. G&S Clearance ensures safe disposal and recycling of WEEE waste, and believe it is our duty to dispose and recycle all waste we collect responsibly.

We offer a full WEEE Recycling service for offices and businesses right across Brighton and West Sussex. Whether you have a number of old PCs you need collected and recycled or a photocopier we can help.

Our WEEE waste collection team is fully trained in how to recover, reuse and recycle WEEE waste in the safest, most environmentally friendly method possible. Ensuring that we reduce the risk of potential harm and our impact on the environment.

Correct WEEE Disposal

We take the appropriate disposal and recycling of WEEE waste seriously. Ensuring that we adhere to all regulations set out since requirements were outlined in 2006.

The UK alone generates over 2 million tonnes of WEEE waste from domestic and commercial properties each year, ranging from mobile phones and laptops to washing machines and toys.

Due to the mix of materials and elements found in WEEE products, there are potential risks from combining hazardous materials when not disposed of, reused or recycled appropriately.

What We Recycle

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment covers a large range of items. It covers anything from small items like a calculator to large commercial photocopiers and more. With so many components and different materials in even the smallest items correct recycling and disposal is critical.

We can come to your office, warehouse, shop or any other commercial location and remove the following WEEE waste items as well as many more.

  • Monitors and screens as well as TVs
  • Photo copiers and printers
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Tablets and mobile phones
  • Projectors and interactive screens
  • Landline phones, intercoms, etc.

Locations We Cover for WEEE Recycling

Our team works right across Sussex and cover major towns like Crawley, Brighton, Haywards Heath, Lewes and Horsham. We also offer WEEE recycling in Lancing, Worthing, Chichester and villages like Storrington, Henfield and more.

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