Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Terms & Conditions

In a nutshell...

Under the government's published guidance (20/03/2020), waste removal is classed as an essential service – therefore G&S Clearance is still operational during this time. In order to be compliant, G&S have adapted their ways of working to include...

  • Zero contact service for both customers and our staff – keeping a minimum distance of 2m.
  • Collection of rubbish, inside or outside your property
  • Secure over-the-phone payments – No Cash

For more information on our processes, please continue to read below...

Are we supposed to still be working?

On 20th March 2020 the Cabinet Office published guidance on the list of critical workers who are needed for essential work through the COVID-19 lockdown period, which started as of 12am midnight 23rd March 2020.

The list includes eight categories of which number eight is relevant to G&S Clearance. The government has stated that waste disposal sectors are essential and therefore we will still continue to offer our full services throughout Sussex and The South Coast, whilst adhering to all safety regulations and guidelines set by the government.

The full list of eight categories can viewed below:

1 - Health and Social Care
2 - Education and Childcare
3 - Key Public Services
4 - Local and National Government
5 - Food and other necessary goods
6 - Public Safety and National Security
7 - Transport
8 - Utilities, Communication and Financial Services.

For more information on these eight categories, please visit the government website:

Zero Contact Service Process

Due to government regulations and guidelines, we are adapting the way we provide our rubbish removal and clearance services. To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we are implementing a zero contact service.

How does it work?

Our zero contact service guarantees that not only are we keeping our customers safe, we’re keeping our staff as safe as we possibly can. We are implementing social distancing between our customers and staff by ensuring that all rubbish removal and clearances are carried out without the presence of the customer and that there is no transferable of tangible assets such as money.

How will we collect your rubbish?

As part of our zero contact service, we ask all customers to allow us entry to your waste that needs removing, we will then collect and take it away. If your waste is in your back garden, we will only collect it if there is an external walk-way to provide access without coming into contact with our customers or entering our customers houses, or with your permission to enter your house. If your waste is in your house, we are asking all customers to move the items they wish for us to collect, to the front of their property ahead of their designated collection time. If you require us to enter your property, we will ensure our team are dressed with safety gear in accordance with regulations, to ensure we limit the spread of COVID-19.

How can I pay, if I can’t use cash?

Once you’ve made your booking through our quick and easy booking system via our website, one of our friendly team members will call you to take full secure payment over the phone. Upon receiving our call, a member of our staff will relay your unique customer information including your booking reference number to validate our identity. Without this information, please do not proceed in making any payments. If you are unsure of who you’re speaking with, please request a call back via our website, and a member of staff will contact you to take payment.

How does the zero contact service keep customers safe?

By removing the need for physical or face-to-face contact and communication, we are reducing the possibility of spreading COVID-19 between our customers and staff. This new procedure will remain in place until further guidance from the government.

Protecting our staff

To ensure we are able to continue working in a safe manner, we are adhering to the    guidelines provided by the government.

We are asking all of our customers to read through the following criteria accessible via the NHS website, and only request rubbish removal and clearance if you do not qualify having the described symptoms.

Check your symptoms here:

Although we are offering a zero contact service, COVID-19 can be passed onto others through contaminated items such as the items you may wish to have cleared by our team, therefore, any of our customers who have these symptoms should NOT request our services.

High risk Customers

We also require our customers to let us know if they are of high risk. If you qualify for any of the points mentioned via the NHS website, you may be of high risk from COVID-19. If you identify as high risk and you choose our service, we will carry out extra precautionary procedures when providing our rubbish removal and clearance service. For example, wearing protective clothing to minimise any potential spread of COVID-19.

Check whether you’re of high risk in accordance with the NHS website here:

Requesting a zero contact quote    

You will be asked at the point of submitting your quote to tick boxes to acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms of our COVID-19 statement and whether you are a high risk customer.

Although we are taking every precaution to protect both our staff and customers, we must stress that we cannot take liability for the spread of COVID-19. By ticking the boxes, you are agreeing that you’ve read our COVID-19 statement and after consideration, you have still chosen to proceed with your request of our service.

For any further information into our zero contact service or our procedures to minimise the spread of COVID-19, please call our friendly team on 01273 303278 to speak to us directly.