June 23, 2021

G&S Clearance Take on a Massive Clearance at Sussex University

We recently took on and completed a massive waste management job at Sussex University. One of our clients; AM Construction, reached out to say they have recommended G&S Clearance for the waste management job, and we were more than happy to offer our services. 


Sussex University needed their greenhouses removed from the site and one stipulation of the waste management agreement was that the team working on the clearance had to take photographic evidence of everything they were doing, throughout the removal process. They also required an audit trail to detail where the waste was going - i.e how the materials were being recycled and where. 


Our professional and dedicated team was more than happy to take on this waste management job and we were happy to take photos of the removal process and provide a detailed audit trail. Before we started clearing, we quoted Sussex University for the whole job, this includes tearing down the greenhouses, removing materials, and recycling materials (where possible). A few days into the clearance, we realised that the job would take a bit longer to complete (for various reasons), however, for any clearance that we take on, we will always honour the original quote and price. This is standard practice at G&S Clearance.


We are pleased to say that we were able to recycle 100% of the materials from the greenhouse; the metal materials went into the metal recycling stream and green waste into the green waste facility. 

In the end, we sent Sussex University the photos from the clearance job, and overall, the team was really happy to be a part of a big clearance job, whilst helping a fantastic local university. 

If you would need any of our services, please feel welcome to contact us and we can provide a tailored quote.

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