October 14, 2022

Home clearance services

How to get the best House Clearance service in Brighton and the South East

An Englishman’s home is his castle, a place where we grow up, gain independence or start a family, so it stands to reason that house clearance is going to be a stressful experience.

So, it can be a bitter-sweet when getting your house ready for sale and also very upsetting if you are the executor and must clear a home after a death. There are also some people who need help managing the results of a hoarding disorder.  No matter what the reason for the clearance, be it neglect, overuse, bereavement, end of tenancy or simply trading up or down, the burden of carrying out a house clearance can be lifted by using a professional home clearance service.

Local house clearing companies

It is possible to find specialist companies located all over the UK that can offer professional specialist house clearing (and probate house clearance), for example, G&S Clearance operates a comprehensive home clearance service within the Brighton and South East regions.

What do we mean by home clearance services?

In a nutshell, companies such as G&S Clearance will take any type of household rubbish, including large items like beds, sofas, kitchen units, bathroom suites and mattresses. Those hard to dispose large white goods (washing machines, fridges and freezers) can also be removed and disposed of at the appropriate waste management facility.  This also applies to any electrical goods, such as PCs and TVs.

How does house clearance in Brighton work?

A house clearing service will assess the amount and type of items to be removed, which will determine the size of the team, transport and the method of disposal, particularly for heavy or bulky items, such as a large fridge freezer.

Step one is to find a reputable home clearance service in your local vicinity. This can be as simple as going online to check the company’s website, so see the type of service they provide and to check customer feedback in their testimonials.

Step two is to request a quote, from this point onwards, if you have the right company, they should make the process as simple as possible. For example, G&S Clearance follows this simple but effective procedure when quoting and subsequently carrying out any home clearance job:

• Request an estimate (specifying the postcode, type of job and items to be removed)

• Provide the preferred time and date

• Estimate is provided

• Call back to check all information and confirm details

• Clearance professionals will arrive, remove and leave the property tidy

• Any items that can be reused will be donated to charity or recycled

• All items including WEEE and large white goods will be disposed of at the correct waste disposal facility

WEEE regulations (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment)

It is important to make sure that the home clearance service you use is conversant with and adheres to the current waste disposal regulations (2013) covering WEEE. Items that fall under these rules include large appliances and white goods such as washing machines, dryers and fridge freezers, ovens, microwaves. Surprisingly, smaller electrical items such as power tools and lawn mowers and household appliances like toaster and vacuum cleaners also fall within this category. When these items are disposed of correctly, non-biodegradable components can be reused and recycled.

Professional house clearance vs. white van

Apart from the hassle of moving large items yourself, there is the issue of where to dispose of these items once they are out of the house.  As already mentioned, there are regulations in place concerning the disposal of all types of rubbish, from office, garden to household items. This is to ensure minimum damage to the environment.  Professional clearance companies can ensure that best practices are followed with regards to disposal.

G&S Clearance has sustainability at the heart of the company’s ethos, recycling up to 100% of all the house clearance waste collected. Actively supporting the local community, the company donates any items that can be reused to charity. Taking this a step further, they are also associated with companies that can upcycle items to be sold to enjoy a second life.

To see how efficient we are, and to book your house clearance in Brighton or the South East, visit our website www.gsclearance.co.uk.

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