June 7, 2023

How to get your garden looking its best for summertime

Even the most green-fingered garden enthusiasts can be forgiven for neglecting our gardens during the winter weather, content to stay warm inside paying just a cursory glance to what is happening outside. Which means when spring time arrives, we are champing at the bit to get outside and get our gardens looking summer-tastic and ready to enjoy. To most of us, this means garden clearance!


When should you start thinking about garden waste clearance?

The simple answer is, as soon as the weather is good enough, so that we’re ready to entertain al-fresco when we see those first precious days of summer sunshine.  As to how you go about the work is up to you. There are two schools of thought on how to tackle this job; you could go gung-ho and tackle it in one session or take it little by little. Perhaps you could first tackle shed clearance and removal, dispose of hazardous waste found inside (which could be old tins of paint or household waste such as pesticides etc.) and then once this has been done move on to the main garden waste clearance.


Getting your garden ready for visitors will be much easier, if you split the job into 10 manageable tasks. Here are some examples of how to tackle the work:


1.Check your gardening equipment

If you are planning on cutting the grass or doing some garden maintenance, you are going to need tools.  For example, are the lawnmower and strimmer in good working order or are they clogged up with grass cuttings, broken blades or a dodgy cable? Are you saws, drills and hammers etc. still fit for purpose or have they seen better days?  


2.Shed clearance and removal vs. revival

Take a good look at your shed, does it need a lick of paint or is it now beyond repair? If it can be saved, give it a good clean inside and out, and don’t be sentimental about junk clearance; make piles for keeping and piles to be thrown away.  How you give your shed a new lease of life is down to preference, there are lots of beautiful paint colours from deep Moroccan blues to pale pastels, or the classic route of highlighting the natural grain with a coat of wood preservative.


3. Clean your garden furniture

Pulling back the protective covers from our garden furniture is a bitter sweet moment. There is the anticipation of enjoying the garden but also the realization that some elbow grease is needed to get the furniture clean, smelling and looking ready for summer.


4.Clean the barbeque

It’s a universal fact, that as soon as the sun comes out so does the barbeque. Rather than wrestle with remnants of burnt-on bangers on the day, get ready now by brushing off any crusted food with a wire brush or scourer before soaking the metal grill and any cooking implements. You may not enjoy it at the time but it means you’ll be good to go next time you feel like firing up the barbie.


5.Clean pavements, decks and patios

Now that you’ve washed the furniture and cleaned the barbeque, it’s time to cast a critical eye over the floor. During winter decks and patios can become ingrained with dirt and stains, which doesn’t look very attractive and any moss that has formed can be slippery when wet.  If the pavement is badly stained you can hire jet washers, otherwise you can sweep up and loose debris and mop down with a bucket of hot soapy water and then rinse well.

6. Borders and potted plants

This time of the year is all about pruning, cutting back and weeding out any plants that shouldn’t be there or need tidying up.  It’s important to remove weeds before they get well-established, making them virtually impossible to remove.  If the borders are now looking a little bare, you can always add some potted plants around the garden to add instant interest and colour.


7. Cut the lawn

After a long winter of wind, rain and snow, most lawns will be crying out for some tender loving care. The first step is to remove any dead grass from the surface to allow the new grass to breathe. If you have revealed any bald patches, you can fill in with new lawn seed and give it a good dose of fertilizer.


8. Outdoor lighting

Creating a cozy outdoor entertainment area is a must-have feature for many British households. Whether you have a vast lawn, a hidden terrace or a deck, no space is complete without outdoor lighting, be it garlands, lanterns, leds or solar light pendants adding a touch of grandeur. The right lighting can transform the area and create the right atmosphere, no matter your preference for style or budget, there are lots of options on the market.


9. Spring declutter

As children grow out of their bikes, scooters and other toys, quite often the garage or the end of the garage looks more like junk yard.  So why not bit the bullet and have a good clear-out? Rather than taking up valuable space in your garden, these items could be given a second life, offering another family the opportunity to enjoy them.  You could sell them, donate them to a charity or G&S Clearance can dispose of them for you, ensuring that 100% of items that can be recycled will be given a second life.


10. Rubbish clearance – tonne bags

If your garden has gone a bit wild over the winter leaving you with much more than grass clippings to dispose of.  G&S Clearance offers a tonne bag waste management service. You can call or go online to buy pre-paid 69kg bags (£69.99) which will be delivered to your specified address and then collected again by professional waste management operatives.  


If you would like to find out more about garden and home waste clearance services around Brighton and Hove, or want to book a man with a van to help you, visit www.gsclearance.com.

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