August 11, 2022

Understanding private garden waste clearance and council refuse collections

Understanding private garden waste clearance and council refuse collections

Waste removal and rubbish clearance, may not be glamorous or a particularly interesting talking point but it’s a crucial part of everyday life, which if not tackled correctly can result in public health issues. As waste management specialists operating in the Brighton area and along the South Coast for many years, we’ve noticed that there is some confusion as to which services we provide and which fall under the remit of the local council, in this case Lewes and Eastbourne.


Firstly, it’s important to establish that the UK Government has published clear rules, regulations and licence requirements for the safe removal and disposal of all types of rubbish, which both private waste management companies(including G&S Clearance) and council operatives must adhere to. The guidelines are to ensure safe working practices for employees, to maintain public health and safety standards and to fulfil green objectives with regards to recycling.  Full information can be found on the UK government website.


So back to the question of who to call and when….To make life easier, here is a quick guide as to who you should call when you want your green bins emptying and who to call when you want other garden and home waste removal services.


Eastbourne and Lewes Councils refuse collections

Eastbourne’s refuse collections take place every fortnight starting from 6am. Your bins must be positioned on the boundary of your property in order for them to be emptied.  Garden waste clearance is not included. A separate annual subscription is required for the council to remove grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, shrubs, plants, flowers and brush wood (max. 10cm in diameter).


Council garden waste clearance subscription

In order to have your garden waste removed by the council you need to apply for an annual subscription which currently costs £70 per annum. Once your application has been processed you will receive a dedicated 240 litre garden waste recycling bin and a permit sticker which will tell you the fortnightly collection day.  The service runs from April to March each year. You can join at any time but the price is the same even if there are only a couple months to run before renewal is due in April.


Sign up or renew for garden waste clearance subscription

Customers who have taken out a subscription must renew it each year. Next year’s subscription can be renewed online as from the 5thJanuary but if it is not renewed by the 31st March, the service will be suspended. Click here to signup and here to renew.


So now you know how to get the council to collect your garden waste. But what if you haven’t subscribed to this service or you require other types of garden or house clearance services? This is when you should call a professional rubbish clearance company.


Garden waste removal and rubbish clearance services provided by G&S Clearance

A private rubbish clearance services cannot empty any council bins. However, we can remove rubbish from your garden and even assist with fence removal, shed clearance and removal, removing tired garden furniture and much more.


Unlike the councils which adhere to rigid fortnightly collections, we have a quick and easy quote system, and often we can collect your rubbish the next day.


Experienced team

Our team of waste management specialists provide a rubbish clearance service that is designed to relieve you of the stress of organising and carrying out any demolition and junk clearance. Once you have accepted the quote, all you need to do is sit back and let us do the work.


100% Recycling and upcycling

G&S Clearance is committed to recycling 100% of the waste that we remove via local waste stations and recycling. Any items that can be upcycled or reused are donated to local charities, after undergoing rigorous safety check. So, if we remove your tired garden furniture to make way for a new set, we’ll give it a second lease of life for another family.


To summarise, private residential rubbish clearance services, are used in addition to council services rather than instead of.  Whether you need large items demolishing, removing and your garden clearing, you subscribe to your council’s garden waste clearance service but can’t wait for the collection date or you have a few bits and bobs that you want to get rid of, we deal with it for you.


If you would like more information about G&S Clearance’s garden and home rubbish clearance services, house clearance, removals, shed demolition, loft clearance or white goods and bulky items removal, call01273303278 or visit the website

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