March 20, 2023

Why you need professionals to remove a shed

Why it’s better for professionals to manage your shed clearance and removal

A garden shed means many things to different people, it can be a place of refuge, a usual outdoor storage space and also an integral part of the garden landscape. Yet, if your beloved shed has fallen into disrepair, you could also add ‘garden hazard’ to this list.


If you have made the decision to remove an old shed, at first glance you may think that it is a manageable DIY job.  However, DIY enthusiasts beware…removing an old shed (greenhouse or any other type of outbuilding) is not as easy as you may think!


What to consider before attempting DIY shed removal

You may be asking, “what’s the big deal; there is a roof, windows, door and four walls?”. The answer is the question, you need to be familiar with shed demolition techniques to dismantle all elements safely in the right order: windows, door,roof and walls. It is common sense but it needs to be said; you should nevertry to dismantle a garden shed alone without help and you should have the necessarytools for each step of the process.


Demolition tools

The first rule of demolition issafety, everyone involved should be protected by safety glasses, gloves, bootsand a hard hat. As for tools, you would need a sturdy pair of ladders, asledgehammer, crowbar, pliers, screwdriver, wrench, chisel, saw, drill and a sweepingbrush. This is before you even think about the removal and disposal process.


Are you storing household hazardous waste?

Before any demolition begins, it’s essential to empty the shed. This will be the point that you will realise why you need the professionals. Tins and tubs of household chemicals, paint and cleaning supplies may seem innocuous enough, but these can be potentially hazardous waste materials that can present a danger if not managed safely


Instead of disposing of chemicals in a household bin (which could cause an explosion) or dumping them in a landfill, where they can leak into the ground and water system, thereby pollute the environment, they must be disposed of in accordance with Government guidelines.


Professional garden waste clearance services (under which shed clearance and removal falls)are licenced not only to demolish your shed but also to manage hazardous waste disposal.  Annual certification is required to ensure they are up to date with and follow the correct guideline sand legislation, thereby helping to preserve the environment and the safely of the crew and clients. On a personal level, any spillages in your garden could prevent plants from growing again.


Dismantling the shed

Let’s assume you have called in the professionals; they have established that the shed is empty and the contents have been stored in a safe place ready for disposal. The aim of an experienced professional waste removal company ,like West Sussex based G&S Clearance, is to safely dismantle the structure quickly and efficiently, remove the debris and recycle any parts that can be reused.  The team will require some more tools at this point, a tarpaulin, wheelbarrow and a big van!


Assess the state of the structure

If the shed is showing signs of rot and the structure is already falling apart, it’s very important to take this into account during the demotion process, as it poses a hazard to the team. In which case, the degraded materials will be removed first, such as badly rotted wood, rusty nails, corrugated iron and screws and broken glass. Also, if you have utilities hooked up, make sure they are disconnected.


Risk of injury when DIYing

The risk of injury is high with any DIY task, particularly when it involves power tools, broken glass, rusty nails and heavy materials like wood. Statistics published by the NHS, show tha in 2020 / 21, 5,600 people in the UK were admitted to hospital due to injurieswith a power tool. A further 2,700 suffered injuries due to accidents withnon-powered tools like a hammer during the same period.


Circular economy

“One man’s trash is another’s treasure” is much more than an old adage, it is almost a pillar of the circular economy. Responsible companies (and individuals) are increasingly recycling and reusing discarded items. With this in mind, when you demolish a shed, if the wood panels, door or windows are in-tact or usable, ideally, they should be recycled either by the homeowner or taken to a local recycling centre by waste management professionals.


G&S Clearance waste management recycles 100% of the waste removed, using local recycling centres. This applies to the body of the shed and any contents. Whether these are old tools, items of furniture or toys, they can be repurposed, upcycled and recycled.


For information about G&S Clearances shed clearance and removal and garden clearance services visit our website or call 01273 303 278.


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