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WEEE recycling refers to the correct disposal of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. At G & S Clearance, we believe it is our duty to dispose and recycle of all waste we collect responsibly. This is why we take the appropriate disposal & recycles of WEEE products seriously, ensuring that we adhere to all regulations set out since requirements were outlined in 2006.

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In the UK alone, 2 million tonnes of WEEE are disposed of from domestic and commercial properties each year. WEEE products ranges from everything from a washing machine, to telephone systems to toys.

Due to the mix of materials and elements found in WEEE products, this leads to potential risks from combined hazardous materials when not disposed of, reused or recycled appropriately.

At G & S Clearance, all of our waste clearance team members are trained in how to recover, reuse or recycle WEEE products in the most safe, environmentally friendly method possible, so as to ensure that we reduce the risk of potential harm and reduce our impact on the environment.

To view the types of WEEE appliances we remove, as well as all other forms of rubbish removal we provide, visit our helpful guide here.

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