March 24, 2023

Spring cleaning

How to get a head start with spring cleaning (waste removal) in Brighton and Hove


It’s that time of year again, when the clocks spring forward (26th March) and we start to see chinks of blue in the grey skies, taking us one step closer to summer.   As the weather clears and flowers start to bloom, thoughts inevitably turn towards the dreaded spring cleaning and the hopefully soon to arrive summer.

It doesn’t matter how organized, most of us tend to accumulate ‘stuff’ over the years which can mount up to become a substantial amount of waste. In which case, you may be looking at the prospect of a super-deep clean of your home, garage, garden or shed. This could be in the form of old furniture, appliances, gardening tools, clothes (yes wardrobes usually come under scrutiny at some stage during a thorough spring clean!) and general garden rubbish.

This year you can make life easier for yourself with some basic planning and assistance from your local waste removal company, it is possible to breakdown the workload into manageable tasks and really get things moving.

Step 1. Planning and preparation – get rid of bulky item first

You can get ahead with this year’s spring cleaning by careful planning and taking a scientific approach to removing any bulky items before you start. Make a list of what needs to be moved, what should be mended and what should be thrown away. Once you have your list, book a professional waste removal company like G&S Clearance in Brighton and Hove, to get rid of the items and dispose of them in the correct way.  Physically clearing out bulky waste is a great first step, as it not only removes obstacles but also provides a psychological boost as you can literally see that progress is taking shape.

2. Get over the guilt, most things can be recycled

If you are unsure about replacing old garden furniture or maybe a sofa because it still has plenty of life in it, you don’t need to feel wasteful or guilty. For example, you may fancy trading up your old TV, updating your desktop PC to a laptop or simply chucking out your never used exercise bike or gym equipment. Rest assured that these items will not end up wasted in a landfill, whenever possible, G&S Clearance will make sure they are recycled so that another family use them.

When it is not possible, as with WEEE (waste from electrical and electronic equipment) or furniture where POPs (persistent organic pollutants) is present, we will ensure it is removed and disposed of safely in accordance with UK Government guidelines.

3.  Identify hazardous waste materials

If you have a garden shed, amongst the gardening detritus there may well be a few old cans of paint, cleaning products, weed killer and other toxic substances hidden away.  Although it is tempting to put these in a regular wheely bin, it is not legal or safe to do this.  Any toxic substances must be disposed of in line with UK Government regulations.

You can arrange for any toxic substances to be collected along with your bulky items, but you should make sure you inform the waste management company about the types of rubbish you wish to remove. This is because some items, such as the POPs (mentioned earlier) must be transported and stored separately to any other rubbish, or both you and the waste management company can be liable for a fine.

4. Make sure you have the right equipment

If you are planning demolishing your shed. It may seem obvious but this is a job that should never be tackled alone or without the right safety equipment and tools. See our blog ‘Why you need professionals to remove a shed’. There is much more to it than wielding a hammer, it should be dismantled in a specific order starting with any glass It is a big job and it can be very dangerous for an amateur.  It is much better to get the professionals in, so they can carefully and quickly take the shed down, save any elements that can be recycled or reused, remove the debris and leave the space clean and tidy.

5. Bag it up

There’s something extremely satisfying about getting stuck into tidying the garden. If you have the time, energy and inclination to tackle the job yourself, you’ll need to consider how you are going to dispose of the debris. It is better to assess the job first and make sure you have the right size and calibre rubbish bags before you begin, so you can bag it up as you go along.

If you would like to find out more about garden and home waste clearance services around Brighton and Hove, or want to book a man with a van to help you, visit


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