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We know that dealing with the repossession of any property is highly stressful and can be expensive. We provide tailored waste management solutions for clients large and small, from large commercial buildings, to smaller offices to houses.

Repossessed property can be left full of unwanted items such as furniture, broken appliances and general waste depending on the previous occupant. You may also have a commercial property that is being repossessed from unwanted occupants, who may have left waste and general rubbish that needs to be cleared. Our repossession clearance team specialise in providing our clients with a quick and stress-free clearance service.

We’ll work with you on the day of the repossession to identify items that need clearing and items that you may wish to keep. If your property is badly damaged and you want to clear its contents so you can refurbish the full property, our team of friendly professionals will get to work to clear the property in the quickest possible time.

Probate Clearance

At G&S Clearance, we understand the difficulties that are faced when dealing with the legal and practical protocols after a loved one has passed away.

We provide a wide range of Probate House Clearance services and probate valuation services to help organise the estate efficiently. Here are just some of the ways G&S Clearance can help you:

  • Probate Valuations
  • Removal of items for Auction
  • Removal of Waste & full Clearance of property
  • Deep Clean of Property
  • Biohazardous Waste Removal & Cleaning
  • Pest control & Fumigation
  • Waste Clearance Recycled & Unwanted
  • furniture Donated
  • Facilitate Sale of Property
  • Sourcing & Sorting of Important Documents
  • Full Probate Report

You can trust our clearance experts to help with probate house clearance from start to finish and our range of associates means that we are able to provide a vast array of services to make this process as easy as can be.

Void Properties

Void properties are often a mammoth task to clear, with potentially hazardous waste and difficult areas to clear; at G&S Clearance, our expert team tackles void property clearances for you without the hassle.

No property is too big or small for our team of waste clearance specialists, trained to deal with hazardous waste and a multitude of mixed waste materials in a safe, timely manner.

We ensure that all required areas of the property are left completely cleared and tidied, ready for your next project or renovation. Once we’ve cleared the area, we take all waste to a local waste & recycling station, aiming to recycle up to 95% of waste collected.

We offer competitive pricing for all of our void property clearances throughout Sussex and the South Coast – you can call a member of our team for an accurate quote and to book a convenient time slot for our team to visit you.

You can view all types of rubbish removal we provide here, including the few hazardous items we are unable to collect.

Hoarder Clearance

Our specialist clearance team can provide clearance in even the most sensitive situations, including properties where hoarding has taken place.

Hoarding is known as a genuine illness and disorder that effects a large number of people, which can lead to properties becoming overcrowded with excessive numbers of items, some that possess the ability to become a health and safety danger, if left for a long time.

Houses that have become overcrowded with excessive numbers of items can often lead to poor living conditions and increase risk to fire hazards and block main entrances and exits. In extreme cases, people who suffer from hoarding disease can collect biohazardous items that pose a problem to their health, which is why it’s important that houses are cleared.

As part of our ethos, no job is too large or too small. We will endeavour to help our customers in the quickest way possible to remove the stress of a hoarding situation and to help restore normality. We are happy to deal with waste clearance that other clearance companies refuse to deal with. We will also work with complete discretion and understanding as we are fully aware these issues can be highly stressful and sometimes embarrassing for our customers.

To discuss any further needs you may have, please submit the type of clearance you require and one of our friendly professional team members will call you to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.


We specialise in property clearances, our services range from probate clearance to void property clearance, to repossessions.